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Saint Laurentius church

The Saint Laurentius church in Ename was built around the year 1000 and is the only remaining building from the Ottonian period in Ename. To a considerable extent, this church has kept its original structure. It is a unique church with three choirs: a double east choir and a west choir. The restoration from 1999 until 2002 has revealed the original interior. This church and its surrounding landscape have been virtually reconstructed for the period 1015-1730, based upon major excavations and historical studies of the whole area.

S. Laurentius 1015

Saint Laurentius 1015

S. Laurentius 1065

Saint Laurentius 1065

S. Laurentius 1085

Saint Laurentius 1085

S. Laurentius 1150

Saint Laurentius 1150

S. Laurentius 1300

Saint Laurentius 1300

S. Laurentius 1500

Saint Laurentius 1500

S. Laurentius 1595

Saint Laurentius 1595

S. Laurentius 1665

Saint Laurentius 1665

S. Laurentius 1730

Saint Laurentius 1780

evolution church

Evolution church

Images of the Restoration

Images of the Excavation